Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Photo  Courtesy: Fry's Nude On A Red Indian Bed (Anthony Fry)
I wish I had never thought of you,
I think I would have been fine then.
I so wish I never had wished you to be mine;
I think I would have been fine then.
As you paved your way to leave,
I wanted my heart to believe;
That you shall never return.
But, cold within me a fear arouse;
That you shall forget me in the long run.
So, I just tried hard and wanted to keep you close;
Because I knew you shall never come back.
That night I remained awake for long,
Re-re winded the whole incident along.
The smell of your cologne you left on my bed;
Made me melt every time I inhaled the scent.
 Lush of, ‘your touch-the thoughts’ made me shiver every time;
I crouched, snuggled and clutched the bed as if you are alive.
With the morning birds chirping on my balcony,
Tears filled with mixed emotions rolled down my eyes;
 I sighed and wished my soul to heal with time,
For, I knew you shall never be mine.
Sleepless nights I have spent since then;
I know the healing will take its time.
But, even believe deep inside,
That my emotions weren’t deceived.


  1. OMG! This is amazing... so touching and so real! Loved it - Tuli

  2. This poem pierces the heart and feeling of choked emotions.