Friday, 5 May 2017

Happy Birthday, My Son

The emotional bond a mother shares with her child is indescribable in words. This poem is a portray of the emotions the mother passes through every time remembering her child who is no more.

Dear Beloved Son;
Today is your birthday,
But the only feeling I have is hollowness within me.
For you hid somewhere and is nowhere to find;
I want to hold you tight, hug you and say, “Ma , is always there by your side”,
But then you are nowhere to find.

Where should I go to find you, dear?

I feel the pain in my womb every time I miss you;
My body aches, my broken bones cry aloud,
I pass through labor each time your memories within me shaken.
Yes, I remember the day of your birth still;
I had bore you in my womb for nine months,
My body gave up with the tiresome labor and I cried a lot.

Then, the moment the nurses placed you in my arms-

I saw you were the amazing art;
“My blood, my flesh and my soul”,
You were my most beautiful part.
A proudest moment of my life ever;
When I transformed from a lady to your eternal better half,
Yes, I became your mother.

You slowly grew from a single cell to a whole body-

Whose small hand could hardly cover my figures and be steady;
I watched you grow step by step and be ready.
Your talks, your mischief, your laughter, your ego,
I saw you fall and rise;
I stood there beside you but always wanted to hide,
You mumbled, you spoke.

I cherished every moment of yours-

The moment I hugged you, you filled my heart with unknown emotions;
My heart melted making way for tears in my eyes,
Deep within, you understood me and I understood you, Dear.
Societal misunderstandings were there which strained our relationships;
But deep within we both knew we had inseparable emotions,
“My blood, my flesh and my soul”.

You understood my pain then-
You understand me now;
But, can you hear me loud?
Ma wants to Please touch you again.
Feel you, hug you thousand times and kiss you hard;
Give you all my blessings,
And say, “Ma will always be by your side”.

But, I know you will never come-

I know you are back there within mine;
“My blood, my flesh and my soul”,
And, you are just fine.
The day you lay on the dying bed;
I saw myself pass through labor again,
I felt the pain again.

You clutched my figure tight this time-
You had grown up to be a young man of twenty nine;
I saw your sleepy eyes and your tiredness from life,
But, still selfishly I secretly wished you stay by my side.
Yes, my emotions were making me weak;
I didn’t want you to see me crying,
Because I knew you understood you were dying.

Your pains were more than me-
I kissed you hard;
I hugged you tight,
And my soul ripped apart.
I prayed, “Give me back my child again”;
Somewhere within a sound came, “I relive within you mother”
And not a single word I could utter.

That moment I knew you were gone back-

To the place from where you were born;
I touched your lifeless body and I touched my womb,
I felt that you are safe, in peace and back home.
Yet, I want you my child in my life, everyday;
I feel your presence within me when I cry,
But now my tears are all dry.

The moment you were born I relived a life-

And now that you are gone;
Still, I wish you Happy Birthday,
“My Blood, My Flesh, My Soul, My child”.


  1. It's such a touching poem giving expressing to the mother and the feeling as well as the pain. Brilliant.

    1. thannks vishal for the review...Regards