Friday, 6 November 2015


This blog is dedicated to my dearest friend Sandy Singh "Sandhya"
We have passed together almost 10 beautiful years..with sweet & sour memories. You have always there for me. By being on my side whenever needed. Your down to earth personality is the best thing within you & o of-course me too ....
These are some lines which I had long written in one of the books gifted to you by me, "SCIENCE & RELIGION" but which is still with me..hahaback in 03/04/2010...down the memory lane..You have changed a lot now & changed for good...God Bless you dear Stay blessed always
Let Yourself Speak
Let Everyone Value your Truth
My dear friend-
You are an expensive jewel in the jewelry box
But somewhere your long hideousness have made you
Lost your glow
Let the knot be untied
& the box opened
Let the sun-rays fall upon you
& let yourself yourself shine
So that your inner power
Can never be denied by the world.


  1. Absolute poem and powerful. Friendship bond elevate us in how perspective can alter our life:)