Monday, 2 November 2015


I am not here to demonstrate.
Neither am I here just like that.
I am here because I am meant to be here-
Never take ME for guaranteed
For I meant to be where I want to be just right to be
Every moment is the perfect & right time for ME to start off
I check myself before I speak
Not because I am afraid but because I respect your position too
And you must know that I owe that respect from you too,
My silence is my secret weapon
For you lose your energy every time you scream-
& when I snap back after a long silence
Your energy is nowhere to fight back
So preserve it in a positive way
& use it when TIME means to say-
Your “NO” shouldn't be the act of negligence from others-
But acceptance of your leadership which matters
Love, & Respect oneself is what that is needed
Because once you are able to do that-
The rest is defeated
Only if you respect yourself you shall be able to deal
With situations which worry you the most & matters that are forced
Then the mirror in front of you shan’t be a haunt
It’s your inner soul’s image which you can trust the most
Damn believe it It’s the truth-
You are beautiful, you are lovely & you are good-

Because you are “ME” & you are Cool.

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