Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Can you hear me?

I walked over the roads,
I walked through the lifeless stones
Felt like each had thousand stories untold.
" Can you hear me? ", as if they screamed,
" I have witnessed many tales
Saved many fails-
But,  no one sees through me
They feel that I only stand still".
"I see you all fall and then help you to raise,
Support you to everybit for it,
Although a fall over me is not light
But still you can't hear my cry.
Like you thousands come and go
Some wished to hear me and some just pass by-
Yet I scream everytime, "Hey,  can you hear me?
And give a loud call to every passer by.
I see them laugh, play,  cry,plead
And then just move by
I stand still
Just screaming and witnessing them all . "

World Poetry Day

1 comment:

  1. Joyee, such a fantastic, intense and awe inspiring poem. The flow is superb, Miss Poetess:)