Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Time

Some lines written by me on my best life partner which started it's tick-tick from the moment I was born and shall end for me at the moment I shall close my eyes for ever.

When I look back in my past,
There are many wills that didn’t last.
Many wishes which weren’t fulfilled,
And many wounds that are yet to be healed.
Crippled inside me my soul wishes to row,
Back to the time to reap off the hurtful sows.
But hey, moments later I realize;
There are thousands stones ahead,
And I need to rise.
So shredding off my gusty feelings of the past,
I clean off the rust & the fallen dust.
For I realize if I don’t act now,
I should know – That even this very present of mine has past.
Joyeeta Talukdar