Tuesday, 6 October 2015

NARI-The Woman

Some Lines on NARI-The inevitable women by me
“Can you see the bridal maroon color bindi on her forehead?”

“Oho her nose is pierced with a nathni”.
“Ahh I know it’s the demarcation of her lost virginity.”
“Hey see her bright orange color lipstick.”
“Mm looks like it too cannot hide her mischievous smile.”
 Oh Holy God she is beautiful simply beautiful. Even the veil over her head of her zardosi dark green sari with red border cannot hide the turbulence in her eyes. “Abodho”-Confined within the barriers of social life she has the wish to fly high. She speaks little but smiles a lot as if all the answers of the questions unasked are known to her. She knows all twists and turns of life. The ravished time hasn’t been able to shred any wrinkle on her unbounded inner beauty.  Yes, she is free, free even within the narrow barracks of society. As if she conceives the poetry within herself-

“The soul within my body isn't mine,
Even when I am unhappy or I shine.
Neither wound can sore it,
Nor happiness binds.
For the soul isn't mine.
It’s free from all hollowness,
It’s free from any brine.
It shimmers not,
Even when the darkness arrives.
Nor looses its brightness,
When the sun doesn't shine.
Yes, it’s free; it’s free from all binds.
Because I know the soul within my body
Isn't mine.”
 Every time she is pushed into the dooms of social barricades her free mind escapes through the cracks within the bricks with a more ambitious wish to fly ever higher than before. Even if she is stripped every night her free soul is as pure as ever un-clenched from demons touch. The pure soul cannot be touched. She is the toughest at tedious situations, unbreakable at unbearable calamities. She is the fighter who can soothe the bed letting cripples pursue their vulgarity and at the same time can be a medicine to the most neglected heart in this world. The incomparable lover-NARI.
Deceived by many, slaughtered by thousands, murdered unborn yet important. A barren land would the society would have been without this social conceiver. She sprouts every time in the society plays her role as the carrier of all but every time vanishes among the ruthless waves of negligence. One fine day think my friend if she denies the rule of nature and doesn’t sprout in the society hope the masculine perception is able to play her performance alike her.
NARI- Nature Always Retrieves Itself for the Toughest.   

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